What to wear when dresses and trainers are considered 'stale'...

...but you love them?

Simple: you wear the same dresses and trainers that you love!

A bit of background; the other day the Telegraph posted an article declaring that dresses and trainers should be considered stale and it was time to switch it up.  

I couldn't disagree more. 

It's stylish, practical and comfortable.  All things I love in an outfit.  In fact I would say it has become a true classic.  

And if you agree and fancy adding to your pretty dress collection; I've got a gorgeous range here (with some even in the SALE!)

Shop dresses and sod the Telegraph>>

What You Said:

I asked about it over on Instagram (click here for my reel) and literally hundreds of you agreed.  

"It’s a classic and women should wear what they want, and not other people’s opinions!"
"I’m 61 and I love that look, as does my 31 year old daughter and 35 year old daughter in law, my 13 yr old niece, my 95 yr old late mother in law, my 71 year old friend, and my 45 year old friend. And we all rock the look! Who cares about trends, be you, and be comfortable in you."
"I wear that very same dress (from you!) with trainers and it looks fabulous if i say so myself!"
"Dresses and trainers look amazing ... a great look !!!💕"


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