What's new? The prettiest hair clips, bags and jewellery as well as a stunning summer scarf.

Lots of loveliness landed this week
...it's been a week of stock deliveries, just in time for holidays!

Ok, so the summer sun might have vanished this week down here in Essex, but I am reliably assured that it's on its way back, Are you looking forward to your summer holidays, whether in the UK or further afield?  Or maybe you're sticking around at home and just taking some time out.

Whatever you're up to, why not sit down, relax and have a browse through all the gorgeous new stock around?

Whether it's a new shade in the super popular leather bag collection, a new bag strap, some pretty pink jewellery or a stylish summer scarf you're looking for there's a whole host of loveliness to see.

Check out all the stock here...

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