Welcome to the jungle....NEW cowhide bags are waiting

Cowhide Leather Bags New In Snakeskin Tiger Print

Welcome to the jungle...
...we've got fun and games - or new bags anyway!

Snakeskin and Tiger Print Bags - Alice's Wonders

The nearest thing to a jungle in my house is a few spider plants, some brilliant fakes and half the garden centre replaced on a monthly basis when I admit defeat on my latest houseplants, but luckily the new additions to the cowhide bag collection are bringing ALL the jungle vibes I need.

Finished in tactile cowhide for added texture and style (as well as wonderful strokeability!) these new bags are just gorgeous and perfect for adding a bit of a wilder touch to your wardrobe.  Opt for the stunning dark tan snakeskin or the utterly wild tiger print for an interesting alternative to the usual leopard print.
Snakeprint cowhide leather bagtiger print cowhide leather bag
The latest additions to the cowhide bag collection, all with a beautiful textured finish, are the perfect way to add depth and interest to your look. I love the way I can wear pretty much all black, but it doesn't look flat due to the different textures and shapes.

All the cowhide bags are just £40 and are made in Italy from gorgeously soft leather.

Shop the whole range here.

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