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It's a funny old time isn't!  I just wanted to quickly post an update on what's happening here.

It's business as usual here, understandably business is slower than usual but I am hoping to weather this current storm and still be around for your prettiness needs when we are back to normal - whatever normal will be!

Obviously I am washing my hands loads and following normal hygiene policies so rest assured anything coming out to you is spotlessly clean. I work totally alone so no need to worry about social distancing in the workplace!  

Plus with lots of us social distancing and unable to see people don't worry -  I can deliver orders directly to someone else if you let me know their address at checkout.   Everything I send out is wrapped in tissue paper and if you'd like a special message please just let me know and I'll send that out too. 

I have an account at the local tiny post office in a village shop and will leave my bag of parcels at their door so no actual contact with them either to keep us both safe.

Thank you so much for supporting me and helping me to continue to support all my wholesalers, who are mainly also small businesses too!

Love Cathy xxxx

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